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All Voices Heard are Andy Somers.

Fast Cuts Combo Demo (30 seconds)

Full Demos:

Commercial Demo

Animation Demo

Documentary/Narration Demo

      Documentary Samples Listing & Timings:
   0:02 - Alacola Valley (Deep Relaxed)
   0:24 - X Planes (Light Urgency)
   0:47 - Mount Kilimanjaro (Deep Pensive)
   1:06 - MAGJET (Technical Jargon)
   2:09 - Dark Matter (Conversational Science)

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Resumes and Credits:


  • Andy Somers has decades of broadcast experience in radio and television, not to mention feature films.
  • He has a background in science and engineering. This makes it easy for him to read and pronounce complex technical jargon - an important skill for science documentaries and industrials.
  • Andy has his own studio with professional microphones (Schoeps, Sennheiser, AKG), and a ProTools setup for audio production.
  • Andy studied Acting and Voiceover at WWU, and scene study at Berg Studios Los Angeles (instructed by Gregory Berger-Sobeck, who also teaches at Yale school of acting).
  • He's done voiceover and revoice work in feature films and television, including: The Return, The Fourth Kind, Atlanta (pilot), Women of Wrestling, Beckman's World, The Adam and Kerry Show (pilot), Balls of Fury, Farsighted, and more.
  • He is centrally located in Hollywood, literally walking distance to many radio & TV post-sound studios.
  • He is also a three-time Emmy award winning sound designer/editor. (Emmys for "Beckman's World" and "Smallville").

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